Covid Poem

     [Laura Kelley Fanucci]

When this is over, may we never again
Take for granted
A handshake from a stranger
Full shelves in the store
Conversation with a neighbor
A crowded theater
Friday night out
The taste of Communion
A routine check up
The school-rush in the morning
Coffee with a friend
The stadium roaring
Each deep breath
A boring Tuesday
Life itself.

When this ends, may we find
That we have become
More like the people
We wanted to be
We were called to be
We hoped to be
And may we stay ‘that way’ – better
For each other
Because of the worst

There will NOT be a scripture study this Saturday due to the 4th of July Holiday
The next ZOOM study will be
on Saturday, July 11th
at 10 AM
The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Independence Day
Sunday Worship & Coffee Hour
10:00 am on-line only
Hello Everyone,
The Take & Eat coordinators would like to thank you for continuing to volunteer for our Saturday service. We (and our clients) really do appreciate your help. Our next service will be on July 25th.
We will continue to operate with a smaller crew to reduce exposure. If you feel ill in anyway, please stay home. Contact Jon and he will let the kitchen coordinators know. Please only come to a service if you have signed up, as we need to keep the number of folks in the kitchen low. Due to the risk, we ask that children stay home. You can sign up here:
Cooks and Packers, we ask that you wash hands on entry, wear gloves, and clean surfaces after every use. Please come with clean hat and clothes, and wear a clean apron and mask provided by T & E.
Drivers, before you arrive, please sanitize the bags and coolers you use to transport food. Pickup will take place at the picnic tables outside the kitchen. During delivery, handle the food with gloves or use hand sanitizer, and when you drop off the food, please leave it outside and call the recipient to let them know.
NEW Backups list!
If you find that the signup is full, but are still interested in volunteering, please email Jon at, and he will put you on the backup list. We have had folks who need to drop out for everyone’s safety. Should that happen, Jon will email you the night before to see if you are still available.
Thanks again for all your help. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this challenge to our ministry.
All the Best,
Jon & the Take & Eat Team
Nightly Compline
We now have 8 people participating in the leading of Compline. Thank you to each and every one of them for their willingness to assist with this important ministry. One of the purposes of Compline is to close down the day and prepare ourselves for rest, but it is also a part of the larger purpose of having a book of common prayer. I get a sense of comfort from the repetition of the same prayers over and over again and that is the purpose of common prayer. I bet that the majority of us could probably participate in a regular Sunday worship (wouldn’t that be nice?) without a bulletin because we are so familiar with the prayers we use for Eucharist we have them memorized. As I have been participating in Compline since I began the service in March I am finding that I don’t even need to look at my prayer book for most of the service, not only because I have memorized it, but because I have internalized it and I am now hearing and interacting with the prayers on a more deeply spiritual level. If you have not already engaged with the Compline service I challenge you to do so, you do not need to join it live at 8pm, you can go and watch or even just listen to the video whenever you wish. I also recommend doing so without a prayerbook in front of you, just listen and join in when you can and over time you will find that the prayers are so familiar you will be able to fully participate from memory. It is at that point that the unexpected can happen. It is at that point that we are truly allowing the Holy Spirit to enter and guide us.Compline can always be found on the St. Philip’s YouTube Channel, please join us,

Deacon Jason


You can sign up for an account so that you can make recurring payments or just give one time.
Please continue to honor and maintain your financial pledge, while we are not able to be in church together.  You can still mail your weekly pledge directly to St. Philip’s at 128 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027, attention Joe Bianca, OR you can now pay your pledge or other donations securely online here:  

Thank you again and God bless you all,
The Finance Committee

Support of the Easthampton Community Center During the Covid-19 Pandemic
The need for food aid continues to grow in our region, as more families become victims of the economic fallout associated with the pandemic.  The center continues to provide food aid to several hundred families and senior citizens as well as distributing a “Kids Bag” to every child every week.  Most of these children participated in the school free lunch program.
Donations of food items can be made directly to the center, located at 12 Clark Street.  Monetary donations can be made directly to the center, via their Face Book page, or through St. Philip’s by sending a check to 128 Main Street, Easthampton.  If you send a check to the Community Center please put St. Philip’s in the “For” line.  If you send a check to St. Philip’s please put EHCC in the “For” line.
Thanks to your continued support, St. Philip’s has donated $680 to the EHCC over the last three months. 
The center could also use a few more volunteers, to pack and distribute food bags on Monday and Wednesday, pick up food during the week, etc.  Details can be found on their website, or you can contact Robin Bialecki at 413-527-5240.
The church office and our buildings are closed until further
notice due to the
directive of Bishop Fisher.
However, Laura IS
working remotely.

Email is best to reach her.