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A note from The Rev. Michael A. Bullock
7 May 2020

Dear Folks:

Some among us are wondering about what it will be like to be released from this pandemic experience and to return to some form of “normality”.  Nearing two months of separation and mandates, people are beginning to chaff at the uncertainty and the hardships of this semi-quarantined life, to the extent that some have brought their protests to the gates of political decision-making, to demand an “opening up” of our lives.  And the pressure mounts, balancing the responsibility to discern between what is medically safe with what provides for our economic well-being.  Any more reason that faith demands that we continually pray for our leaders who shape our public policy?

I don’t pretend to have the wisdom to identify that balancing point, but I am concerned with the cry to return to some familiar aspect of “normal” life.  While it is perfectly understandable human nature to want to return in some sense to what we have already survived, such a retrospective perspective is not helpful (nor faithful) because it ignores or avoids a pertinent question.  That question is: What have we learned from our experience?  Or to put the question more positively, what from our experience of the Covid-19 pandemic would we like or need to bring and include to what follows?  This is to say, what about the “new normal” will be “new” or just “normal”?

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Hello Friends,
Our Virtual Compline (Every evening at 8 pm) is progressing and getting better every day.  I have provided the link in this email to get to my YouTube channel which is where you will find the videos both here and on our Facebook page.

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THANK YOU for Maintaining Our Financial Health
During the Covid-19 Pandemic

First, we would like to thank our parishioners for their continued support during these trying times. This is wonderful, considering all the changes we have experienced over the last two months.

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Please continue to honor and maintain your financial pledge, while we are not able to be in church together.  You can mail your weekly pledge directly to St. Philip’s at 128 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027, attention Joe Bianca, OR you can now pay your pledge or other donations securely online here:  

Thank you again and God bless you all,
The Finance Committee

Support of the Easthampton Community Center
During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Over the last two months the ECC has signed up 200 new families for food aid.  These families are victims of the economic fallout associated with the pandemic and the closure or curtailment of other services in the area.  This has placed a strain on volunteers and staff as well as funding.  The center continues to provide food aid to each family, as well as distributing a “Kids Bag” to every child every week.  Most of these children participate in the school free lunch program.There are several ways for us to continue our support of the Centers efforts.  Donations of food items can be made directly to the center, located at 12 Clark Street.  Monetary donations can be made directly to the center, via their Face Book page, or through St. Philip’s by sending a check to 128 Main Street, Easthampton.  If you send a check to the Community Center please put St. Philip’s in the “For” line.  If you send a check to St. Philip’s please put EHCC in the “For” line.

Thank You for continuing to support this ministry.

The church office and our buildings are closed until further notice due to the advice of Bishop Fisher and Governor Baker.
However, Laura IS working from home.

Email is best to reach her.