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A note from The Rev. Michael A. Bullock
28 May 2020

Dear Folks:

In last Sunday’s sermon, I asked a question about what in our Covid-19 experience will need to be carried on and integrated into our lives, when we reach a point of new stability.  Beyond the inconvenience of disrupted schedules and routines, beyond even the lingering sense of worry about those we love and the threats of lost income and work, we need also to be thinking about what we are learning in this time.  For the truth is that in the context of this disease, all our lives and the assumptions behind them have been challenged to some extent.  What have we learned?  More specifically, what needs changing?

For me, the overriding experience has been the ever-real issue of my mortality and all that that entails.  On one level my mortality emerges in the small, everyday experiences of my limitations.  This time of pandemic separation has highlighted (irritatingly so) the reality of my boundaries.  My skills are limited.  (This is the reason I have an ample supply of kindling from my shop!)  My patience is limited.  (Lord, have mercy…)  My focus and self-discipline are limited.  (“I fall down.  I get up.  I fall down.  I get up.”).  None of these items of limitation are new to me.  The semi-quarantine of the past two months has simply reduced what normally might be insulating filters (and distractions) that buffer me from my otherwise rawness; but the fact remains that (as Robert Frost has expressed) “I have miles and miles to go before I sleep.”

But mortality also speaks of a deeper limitation, one that has to do with Life (capital “L”) and Death (capital “D”).  Mortality – that is, death — is the great limitation.  And if in this Covid-19 time you have not pondered and willingly felt in your gut the limiting presence of death, then I would suggest an equally serious limitation: Denial; willful blindness.  For Christians, death of course is very real and often painfully threatening.  Yet, death is not the last word on Life.  And this leads me to the point – both for what we might learn from this Coronavirus experience and from our experience of faith.

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Jason Stasinos is on hospice care .  Jenny’s mother has moved in with them to take care of David and Ariadne.
Please pray for this family.
on Saturday, May 30th 
at 10 AM

The Day of Pentecost

Sunday Worship & Coffee Hour
10:00 am on-line onlyThis Sunday, we will NOT be worshipping by Zoom, as has become our pandemical habit.  Instead, we will join with the churches of our Diocese of Western Massachusetts and worship together,
in one service at 10 am.
To access the service, go to the Diocesan website:
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Compline has a new home.
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If you forget about this and go to Jason’s channel there is a notice on his main page directing you to the link above.

In addition to moving to a new home, we are looking for more people to participate in leading Compline. If you are interested, please let Jason know. It is quite easy and I have simple directions to follow.

THANK YOU for Maintaining Our Financial Health
During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please continue to honor and maintain your financial pledge, while we are not able to be in church together.  You can mail your weekly pledge directly to St. Philip’s at 128 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027, attention Joe Bianca, OR you can now pay your pledge or other donations securely online here:  

Thank you again and God bless you all,
The Finance Committee

Support of the Easthampton Community Center
During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Over the last two months the ECC has signed up 200 new families for food aid.  These families are victims of the economic fallout associated with the pandemic and the closure or curtailment of other services in the area.  This has placed a strain on volunteers and staff as well as funding.  The center continues to provide food aid to each family, as well as distributing a “Kids Bag” to every child every week.  Most of these children participate in the school free lunch program.There are several ways for us to continue our support of the Centers efforts.  Donations of food items can be made directly to the center, located at 12 Clark Street.  Monetary donations can be made directly to the center, via their Face Book page, or through St. Philip’s by sending a check to 128 Main Street, Easthampton.  If you send a check to the Community Center please put St. Philip’s in the “For” line.  If you send a check to St. Philip’s please put EHCC in the “For” line.

Thank You for continuing to support this ministry.

The church office and our buildings are closed until further notice
due to the directive of Bishop Fisher.
However, Laura IS
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