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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
Easthampton, MA


A note from the Rev. Michael A. Bullock

Dear Folks:

Amidst all the strife and anxiety in our nation – both in terms of the state of our politics and the state of our public health, there is one question that I know is central for folks who claim Jesus. It is a question I referred to in last Sunday’s sermon: What does our faith have to say to all the fragmenting chaos in our midst? I refocus on this question because I (for one) frequently find it hard to rise above the strong emotions I feel over the state of our country’s politics and the continuing ravages of Covid-19. There are forces at work (both human and viral) that are pulling us apart at the seams; and it is hard (to say the least) to maintain a steadiness that can navigate these turbulent waters so that we might move beyond the engorging emotions of the moment. So, the question again: What does our faith as followers of Jesus offer in this moment? From our connection to God’s Christ, how might we gain some much needed stability in this storm?

One telling response comes indirectly from the gospel lessons from last Sunday and from this approaching Sunday. I say “indirectly” because it is easy to miss this point in the midst of the immediate story being told. For example, last Sunday, we were understandably focused on the event of Jesus’ baptism; and this Sunday our attention will irresistibly alight upon Philip, our patron saint, and his tersely alluring response to a chagrinned Nathanael: “Come and See!” Yet, in both readings a profound element is quietly conveyed; and in the rush to keep track of the storyline, we can easily miss it.  READ MORE


This Sunday we celebrate the First Sunday after the Epiphany,

Our service is streamed online at 10:00 am on Facebook Live.
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Sunday Lectionary Study is at 8:45 a.m.
and Coffee Hour follows the service on Zoom

Meeting ID: 845 1770 3924 / Password: 270862

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will be held (via Zoom) on Sunday, 7 February 2021
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and join us in the election of new Vestry and visual reports
on the life and ministry of St. Philip’s.


that members may have taken that convey what we do.
Please forward them to the Rev. Deacon Jason Burns, Contributions will be made into
a video to be presented at the Annual Meeting.




Hello Everyone,

Our next service is Saturday, January 23rd! We’ll be making a meal of macaroni and cheese with greens and ham. Perfect comfort food for a frosty month. If you are interested in joining us, you can sign up here:

Interested in baking for Take and Eat? Do you have a recipe you would like to make that could serve 100 and freezes well? Join Deacon Jason and some of the Take and Eat crew to bake in the Take and Eat kitchen next week, on either Wednesday the 20th or Friday the 22nd, between 5 and 6 pm (details are still being worked out). We will be baking desserts to be packed and frozen for meals over the next couple of months.

We need two more baking “teams” of two people per team. Just bring your ingredients, masks, and your recipe (except flour, because we have plenty), we will supply everything else. To find out more or to sign up, please contact Elizabeth McAnulty at or 529-9541.

Kitchen staff, our coordinators will be improving our social distancing protocol this session, so make sure to check in when you arrive for details. As always, we ask that you wash hands on entry, wear gloves and an apron, and clean surfaces after every use . Please come with a clean hat and clothes, and bring your own mask.

Drivers, please sanitize the bags and coolers you use to transport food. Pickup will take place at the picnic tables outside the kitchen. During delivery, handle the food with gloves or use hand sanitizer, and when you drop off the food, please leave it outside and call the recipient to let them know.

Remember, if you feel ill, please stay home. Contact Jon if you cannot attend. Only come to a service if you have signed up, as we need to operate with a smaller crew to reduce exposure. We also ask that children stay home.

All the Best,

Jon & the Take & Eat Team

THE ANNUAL CANVASS TO SUPPORT THE 2021 PARISH BUDGET is set to conclude. Thanks to all those who have sent in their 2021 financial commitment to the life, ministry, and mission of St. Philip’s. Senior Warden, Bonnie Katusich, and the Vestry would like to wrap-up this asking period so that an operating budget for next year can be adopted. If there are any questions or concerns about making a pledge, please speak with Bonnie or Fr. Michael.


Bending toward Justice, Annual Day of Prayer and Discernment: Join us as we pray and discern the work of justice in our time and place. Come, meet others who are passionate about the issues. Listen to the Word, discern how the Spirit is calling the Church to action on Saturday, January 23rd, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM. Keynote Speaker: The Reverend Stephanie Spellers. Register HERE.

Bement Waterfield Grant Applications for March 2021: Our Diocese provides grant funding for post-secondary education for young people who are active in our parishes and missions. Please publicize this information to inform your students of the upcoming grant year. Applications for 2021 grants are due March 1, 2021. Please advise your students that all information on the B/W educational grants program is listed on our website. A trifold brochure is available for printing. Application guidelines, application form, reference form and clergy reference form are all available on the website, as is the history of the B/W Grants Program. Questions? Contact


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