Ecumenical Youth Program

An Ecumenical Youth Program is available for ‘ tweens and teens from grade sixth until Confirmation.. This program involves collaboration of St. Philip’s with four area United Church of Christ congregations. Not only are youth provided the opportunity to share their maturing faith with peers (so important in a culture where church attendance is not the norm) but they join with peers to contribute to the well-being of neighbors through facilitating outdoor church services for the homeless, Habitat for Humanity projects, and programs addressing issues of Food Insecurity.

In recent years, youth have traveled to participate in weeklong mission activities in Harrisburg PA, where they assist residents of the area as they put faith into practice.

Girls’ Choir

‘Tween and teen girls participate in the Girls’ Choir, which performs on Easter, Christmas Eve, and other feast days. This group begins its third year under the direction of Minister of Music, Karen Banta. It has performed for the Bishop and some members have traveled to other churches to perform with combined adult choirs.

Preparation for Confirmation and Reception

Bi-annually, a program is offered by the Rector, in collaboration with parents, to prepare youth aged 16 and older for confirmation. These classes are also attended by adults who come to the Episcopal Church from other faith traditions and wish to affirm their new faith by being Received into the church. An essential part of preparation for youth is the choice of a service project, where they work together for the benefit of members of the community as an expression of their mature faith.