What We Do

Claiming the biblical story as our own — especially as that story pronounces the reality of new life– and employing the richness of the Anglican tradition as a guide to living what we believe, St. Philip’s life and ministry focus on four dynamic priorities.  They are: Worship; Christian Formation; Pastoral Care; and Outreach.  It is in and through these four principles of Christian life and ministry that we seek to focus our ourselves and our dedication.

1.  In terms of WORSHIP, we understand the purpose of worship to be a reality test.  We take the words of Jesus seriously, when he says that whenever two or three gather in his Name, that the Risen One is in our midst.  In worship, this means that our primary task is to make room for the Lord’s presence and then to take note with our hearts and minds what this God-life is like.  How we feel about what we experience — and to be sure, there is a great deal of emotion to this worshipful encounter– is secondary.  God and life on God’s terms is first.

Consequently, St. Philip’s is a Eucharistically centered church.  That is, we celebrate Holy Communion each week as the center of our lives.  We know that the will of God is Communion, and we also know that the important response to this gift is to say “thank you” and to live outwardly in gratitude.  Therefore, our goal in worship is to live more nearly as we pray.


2. CHRISTIAN FORMATION follows the reality and experience of worship and prayer. We seek consciously to be formed as individuals and as a community in the image of Jesus as the embodiment of what God calls each of us to be.  So, together we learn in thoughtful study and interaction and we work mindfully to be more aware of what God-in-Christ has given to us and what difference this gift can and does make.


3. One aspect of being God’s people and members of Christ’s Body is about how we take care of one another.  This is called PASTORAL CARE.  Each of us needs the experience of belonging. .  We are not made to be alone.  And so, as members of the community we look after one another, doing the simplest things: knowing one another by name, sharing meals and friendship, and when we face those large threshold events of life,  such as births and death, we face these as family.  We are in this together.  We belong together, and we care about this fact.


4. St. Philip’s consciously connects our Pastoral Care with offering a ministry of OUTREACH.  We give away what we have received.  One of the most authentic measures of our faithful response to the gift of God-in-Christ, one of the proofs that our sense of gratitude is true is our willingness to share the gift with those beyond ourselves.  Outreach ministry at St. Philip’s is a matter of sharing the gift, for which we are thankful daily.

This, in turn, brings us back to worship

and to the love and life of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.