Given the month we have had, the idea of yard cleanup seems daunting.  With the early snow in November we never quite got the leaves cleaned up and before you know it we will be mowing the lawn.  SO, we invite anyone to come over this Saturday, April 27,  9:30 – 2-drop in is fine.  (2 S. Main Street in Haydenville). Bring a rake or weeding tools and we can get the yard spiffed up for the coming warm weather. We will provide light snacks and water.  If you are able to make it, please drop me an email –
The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross will be meeting THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 27 at The Church of the Atonement, 36 Court Street, Westfield. Women are invited Read More
Is this the month to get involved? Our next Take and Eat meal is THIS Saturday, April 27th, and you would be very welcome to join in any way that works for you.

Be Careful:  If you come here you will grow!

A Note From Fr. Michael
Thursday of Easter Week
25 April 2019
Dear Folks:
I cannot tell you how much I have missed you and specifically missed being with you during Holy Week and now Easter Day.  Thank you for your prayers, your support and encouragement both during my time of surgery and now recovery.  I don’t know how people go through these things alone and on their own.  Thanks for being there.  I am doing well – quite well in fact.  Once we got to handling the fact that I threw a blood clot, I have been more and more myself, gaining strength and confidence.

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This Sunday, April 28, 2019
The Second Sunday of Easter
The Rev. Canon Robert Miner, Celebrant
9 am Study of the Scriptures
Acts 5:27-32
Psalm 150
Revelation 1:4-8
John 20:19-31
10 am Holy Communion,
Nursery, Sunday School, Fellowship
We are very thankful for The Rev. Canon Robert Miner who will be our Celebrant for the next few weeks.  Thank you Fr. Bob!
An Invitation from Jason
Dear Friends in Christ,

I have been with you for nearly three months now and would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your generous abundance of hospitality. I am feeling quite settled in at St. Philip’s and am ready to get to work. Most of the work of a deacon, or in my case a deacon intern, takes place away from the life of a parish. As I have mentioned before much of my ministry work revolves around mental health and supporting the young people in my secular vocation as a teacher. One function of a deacon is to bring the church to the world, well you and I are the church and I am eager to get us into the world as much as possible, but first I have some questions for you. First is, what are we currently doing to spread God’s kingdom in Easthampton and secondly, what else can we do, together, that will both glorify God and spread the good news of Christ? While I have some ideas, I would prefer to hear from you and to help make that happen I am officially extending an invitation to join me for a beverage of your choice so that we can chat. I am open to meeting in small groups or one on one. Please feel free to contact me at (to answer your next question my email address references my favorite Dungeons and Dragons character from middle school and yes I still play D&D) or catch me at coffee hour to set up a time. My schedule is flexible so don’t be afraid.
Happy Easter!

Small Church Summit: Day of Options

Led by Sally O’Brien and Jonathan Anderson

Saturday May 11, 2019   9am-3pm
All Saints’ Church, 7 Woodbridge St
South Hadley, MA  01075

Bring a team of 3-5 people from your church!
-it is very important to come with a team from your leadership since conversations will happen with the larger group and within your parish group-
$10 per person (will be paid by St. Philip’s)

To gather small churches from around the Diocese of Western Massachusetts for conversation, sharing stories, facing reality together, inspiration.

Topics for the Day

A new understanding of being church 
Exploring how the role of church has changed and what people need from a faith community now.

Self-Assessment of realities
How urgent is the need for change in your congregation?

Bright Spots
Accomplishments and best practices from the attending parishes, and how other congregations have adapted and transformed their worship, space use, involvement with their community, increased their income, and refocused on sharing the faith.

Follow Up

Participants will receive a loaded ZIP drive
to help bring information back to their parish.
There may be the opportunity for further follow-up and deeper work for congregations that find energy and imagination to explore new ways to thrive!


Questions? Contact Canon Pam Mott:, or 413-417-2341

The Community Center is always in need of food and larger sizes 4, 5 & 6 baby diapers.
Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.
Sunday, April 28th       9:00 am    Lesson Discussion (Parish Hall)
10:00 am    The Second Sunday in Easter
Holy Eucharist, Sunday School,
Nursery, Fellowship
2:00 pm    Girl Scouts (Parish Hall)

Monday, April 29th        7:00 pm    AA Meeting (Parish Hall)

Tuesday, April 30th        1-5 pm    Office Open

Wednesday, May 1st        1-5 pm    Office Open

Thursday, May 2nd           1-5 pm    Office Open
7:00 pm    Choir Rehearsal

Friday, May 3rd                6:00 pm    Girl Scouts (Parish Hall)

Saturday, May 4th

Sunday, May 5th         9:00 am    Lesson Discussion (Parish Hall)
10:00 am    The Third Sunday of Easter
Holy Eucharist, Sunday School,
Nursery, Fellowship