Welcome to St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

Whether you are a life-long Episcopalian, a former member of a different faith tradition, or a spiritual seeker considering St. Philip’s as a stop on your spiritual journey, you are invited to worship, enjoy hospitality, and participate in programs and events.

St. Philip’s is devoted to prayerful and joyful worship on Sunday and the living out of God’s love all the rest of the week. St. Philip’s is small enough that newcomers will be welcomed, accepted, and cherished as part of the St. Philip’s family. At the same time, St. Philip’s is large enough to have multiple Sunday worship services, several choirs, a Nursery and Sunday School and Youth Program devoted to community service, and about-to-be launched programs in the arts and spiritual practices.

St. Philip, one of the original twelve disciples, invited friends to meet Jesus by saying, Come and see. We say to you: If you seek a deeper, more mature, relationship with God, Come and see. If you want to be part of a welcoming & nurturing faith community, Come and see. If you are curious about how an ancient form of worship can nurture a modern seeker’s heart, Come and see. If you want a church that will cherish your children, Come and see. Or if you want to be supported in approaching faith through the arts and spiritual practices: Come and see!